The beginning or how it starts

It seems to be a normal day at the court of your king.
The old grey-bearded monarch has called you for taking part at the council of all knights of the Round Table, where you have to discuss about boring themes like the rebellion of some farmers in the outer regions of the king`s empire or the threat of an aggressive force....
With a yawn you start out, in forecast of never-ending, fruitless discussions with the king and your knightly colleagues.
You step into the large ceremonial room with the heavy round table of oakwood in the middle of the room and find out, that the king is alone.
"My dear", he greets you with warm words : "Fine, that you come here..."
What he is now telling you in lot`s of decorated words, first sounds like a myth, even later you can`t imagine, what mission you became.
You are calling the most important phrases back in your memory:
"Deep in the south from here is a castle, that`s very hidden and difficult to find... it includes a very old mystery, a valuable treasure: The LAPSIT EXCILLIS, a juwel, that has amazing power, it lengthens the live of everybody, who has it and presents the owner with it`s rich gifts... i must have this stone, by hook or by crook! And this, my dear, is your mission: Find this place - the Castle Wildenburg - and bring me the valuable stone... King Anfortas currently owns this magic stone, schmooze him, take him surprise, how ever you will get it, but bring me this stone!
As award I promise you my daughter and a place on the crown!"

Without taking long time you leave the empire the next day, disguised as a simple vagabond.
And now you are in search of the legendary LAPSIT EXCILLIS...

...and so the big adventure starts and waits here for you...

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