For the handling of the game you don`t need the keyboard. Only the mouse is required.
With a mouseclick on the direction-arrows of the compass you can move from place to place (assumed you can walk to this direction).
Special actions like "Trink water" do you complete with clicking on the right red action-field (trink) and than clicking the correlative object (water), which exists at the place or in your inventory.

Description of the seperate parts

Move the mouse pointer over the red areas of the screenshot, to read the related instructions (among the image).

Tips & tricks

• You can`t reach every place in the game with the direction-arrows of the compass. For some places you have to use the action-field "Go".
• Sometimes it makes sense, to examine the objects.
• Every action costs energy! That means, you should avoid "senseless" actions, if you don`t want to die of hunger or thirst.
• Lately when the warning light by the hunger and thirst-status starts blinking, you should take something to eat or trink. Note: It`s useless to trink or eat something on a full stomach, that means you should only eat or trink something, if you are really hungry or thirsty.
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